Being prepared by having your resume up-to-date is essential but just having a resume isn’t as good as it used to be. So many recruiters, decision-makers and companies that are hiring are turning to LinkedIn to find potential new hires and you can integrate your resume and LinkedIn profile so that they can find you.

While it is true you can copy and paste your resume into your LinkedIn profile or add a link so it can be downloaded, LinkedIn can do so much more. Your LinkedIn profile should indicate your experience but your resume already says that. Instead of just copying and pasting your resume, make it a little more intriguing so that the audience wants to find out more about you.

This also goes to say, if your LinkedIn profile is intriguing and your resume isn’t up-to-date or lacks professionalism, you are essentially losing out. You don’t have to worry anymore because Chapman Services can create a winning resume and develop your LinkedIn profile so you not only get noticed, but start getting offers.