Your resume is the first thing companies see when you apply for a job, so it’s important that your executive resume is perfect. If you are like a lot of executives, you haven’t used your resume in quite a while, but you know there are a lot of components that make the perfect resume. Here are some tips to get that resume dusted off:

  • Don’t simply add what you have done since the last time you put your resume together. Resume formats have changed a great deal over the years so it is important to update the resume.
  • Remember that your resume will not be the only reason whether you get a call or not. There is also the cover letter and your online footprint. Be sure to review all these.
  • You want to make sure to have all formats of your resume at the ready. Some companies will want a paper submission of your resume and some will request that you submit it electronically. Be sure to have your resume in different formats such as in Word, PDF and plain text.
  • Make sure your resume is laser focused on the job you are applying to as this establishes what makes you the perfect candidate and what qualifications will allow you to fulfill the job requirements.
  • Provide a brand positioning statement on your resume. Just like companies have their unique brand, so should you. This can include your personal success stories throughout your career. These powerful statements should lead the resume as this is the first impression of you and how you will make a great fit for the company.
  • As a senior executive, limit your resume to no more than three pages. More than that and the recruiter will stop reading it.
  • This may be obvious, but review your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes. This will be an automatic pass if employers see this on your resume.
  • Make your resume interesting. If it is too dull it won’t keep the recruiters interest. Be focused on what makes you unique and the perfect fit for the job.

If you need help with your executive resume, contact us at Chapman Services. We will conduct a comprehensive telephone consultation with you to gather all the pertinent information we will need to compose a strategically written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile used to generate interviews.