There are many job seekers that put together a polished resume and then throw together a quick cover letter. It’s important to know that the cover letter is just as important. A cover letter is the first thing a prospective employer looks at. The cover letter will help them make the decision to read the resume or not. The cover letter outlines your skills and capabilities, so it is important to take your time creating one.

Here is how to let your cover letter stand out.

  • Make sure you read all of the job posting. If you don’t address what is in the job posting, this will show you can’t address essential things. Pay attention to the requirements within the posting.
  • Do a little research on the company. Check out their website. Address values you can associate with in the cover letter. These could be causes the company supports or part of their mission statement that resonates with you.
  • Start with a couple of sentences that outline in detail how you would be the best fit for this position. Outline the important skills that make you perfectly qualified for this position and reference the title of the job specifically.
  • You should give some detailed examples of accomplishments achieved in your previous positions in order to demonstrate how you will go above and beyond the requirements of this position and make them glad they hired you.
  • It is important you don’t just reiterate what is on your resume. The cover letter is your opportunity to describe in detail what great skills you have and what you can bring to the table with their organization. Think of the cover letter as a place to demonstrate why they should interview you and how great an employee you would make.
  • Create a subject line that stands out, when you email the cover letter and resume. This shows creativity and initiative while making you stand out among all the other applicants.
  • Take your time to create a professional and customized cover letter. This is a critical part to applying to a job and it shouldn’t be rushed.

A few important points to note are:

  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar issues in your cover letter; a mistake like that will ensure they pass up your resume very quickly.
  • Make sure you address the cover letter directly to the person. Do not address the cover letter generically if at all possible.