With so many people on Facebook these days, it has become a valuable source for employers to view their job candidates online. This is why it is so important for candidates to keep their profiles clean of any inappropriate photos, posts or connections. With that being said, it is a great place to conduct your job search.

Facebook can be used to demonstrate your skill set on your profile. Make sure your “about section” on your profile is completely filled out. This section of your profile will demonstrate your skill set, education and capabilities. Inquiring employers will see this, as well as your professional profile and that can be an added bonus to your candidacy. You can use Facebook to make valuable connections with people. Searching for a job is about making valuable connections to people. Facebook has over 1.65 billion monthly users. This is a staggering statistic. Just think of all the potential contacts on there.

The Facebook groups can be a great source for leads. A lot of times, recruiters will post jobs that have been recently added to these groups. This is a great place to get leads on jobs with companies you want to work for. You can also make valuable connections with recruiters in these groups. You can also search the groups by using the search bar and typing in the city you are searching and “jobs”.

Another great way to make contacts is to like Fan Pages of companies you want to work for. Follow their updates and get to know more about them based on what they post. This will also let you know when they have events that you can attend to network in person.

Facebook is also a great place to post relevant articles that will attract the eye of recruiters perusing for great content. This demonstrates your knowledge and professionalism. The content can also be searchable on the Facebook search.