It’s important to think of your LinkedIn profile as an online resume. So here are some tips to prepare your profile for your job search.

Name: Do not use nicknames or anything of the sort. Use your first and last name so that you can demonstrate professionalism. Using a nickname will make a recruiter or employer leave your profile in an instant if they see something like this.

Picture: You should have a picture. Make sure that your profile is professional looking and does not have anyone else in it. You should be dressed like you would be in an interview and have a neutral background. Investing in a professional head and shoulders photo is worth it, if you can.

Headline: This should be the title of job that you are looking to acquire and that you’re qualified to do. Keywords are important here so that potential employers can find you through the search function. Be sure to choose wisely.

Custom URL: You want to customize your profile URL so it looks more professional and so your profile is easier to find when searching.

Summary: This section should be very personalized. It should highlight your strengths and accomplishments. This will be a quick snapshot of your qualifications reviewed by prospective employers. The summary is also a great place to put keywords; keywords are used by employers conducting specific searches. Using the right keywords allows employers to see your profile over others.

Publications: Another great part of LinkedIn to use is the samples of work and publications. These can show visual examples of your competencies.

Jobs: This is your job history including any current jobs that you have. This section should speak to both responsibilities and accomplishments. Remember, the only way for a future employer to understand your value is by providing them with information regarding past accomplishments. Using quantifiable information, when appropriate, is helpful.

Skills: This section allows you to list out all the great skills that you have to offer to an employer. Placing the most important skills at the top helps quite a lot.

Recommendations: Having several recommendations on your profile solidifies yourself as a professional who others respect.

Additional tips to consider are:

  • Do not leave any sections blank in your profile. Strive to have the profile 100% complete.
  • Check to make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.