You have been working in your position and company for quite a while and you feel it is time to move up the corporate ladder. It probably has been a long time since you looked at your resume and you know it needs some work. So here is how to fix your resume to get that promotion you want/deserve:

  • Write a professional profile that speaks to the value you offer employers. The old “objective statement” is a thing of the past. More information about you, your skills, your competencies, and your value are wanted today. Your professional profile should be 3 to 5 sentences in length and demonstrate what it is you offer employers. Look at this sample resume.
  • You should show specific examples of accomplishments within the resume. These would be things such as growing revenue within a segment of the business you were responsible for or cost savings you delivered to your employer and how these accomplishments were achieved. By providing quantifiable information, you will stand out from the competition.
  • For each job position, you want to write a paragraph that speaks to your responsibilities (3 to 4 sentences is plenty) and then bullet point what you accomplished. This is a great place to include leaderships roles that you had and why you would be qualified for moving up to a position with more responsibility. It should state how it affected the company’s bottom line, in a good way, of course.
  • You also want to include any education and additional certifications you have that would further qualify you for this new position.
  • If it is applicable to the new position, include volunteer positions you have held or currently hold.
  • Overall, your resume should have the end result that you are capable of taking on a new, more responsible role. This is achieved using a strategic approach to crafting your resume.