The holidays always bring about change. We think about how we want the approaching New Year, to be different and better. One part of our lives we think about changing is our job. It might seem like a hopeless endeavor to search for a new job, as you might think no one is hiring. That is not true! Many companies are putting out job postings, interviewing candidates, and hiring. So don’t give up.

The good news is that because a lot of people think companies aren’t hiring there is less competition. The only thing that will be affected during the holidays are interview schedules because many are taking vacations. Even if you don’t find a job during this time of the year, stay positive. Don’t let this put a damper on your holiday or your job search. This is a great time to revamp your resume and get help from a resume writer if you are unsure of how to make it more presentable.

There is also a pressure on hiring managers at the end of the year to fulfill their hiring quotas. So with less people applying during this time of year and the quotas needing to be filled, this is your opportunity to get your name and resume out there. Another great way to get your name out there is holiday parties. Use these parties as a way to network with old colleagues and get your foot in the door.

If you’re not sure what you want to do or where you want to work, take the holidays to think about these things. What do you enjoy doing? What skills do you have to offer a prospective employer? Explore companies and job postings to figure out how you want to make 2016 different. Find what your passions are and pursue them! If you really want to get your foot in the door, consider temping. During the holidays companies are overwhelmed with work and are understaffed. So they will look for temporary workers. This can get your foot in the door and you can prove to an employer what a valuable employee you are.

So don’t give up. The holiday season can provide a wonderful opportunity to find a great job!