Do you need your resume written or updated? Confused by the vast choices for resume services today? It can be overwhelming to surf the internet and sift through the massive lists of services available for the job seeker. That being said, the internet does give us a massive location to research companies to fit our individual needs. But how do you determine which is the best company for you?
Compare apples to apples – What type of a resume service are you looking for? One that will write up a quickie resume because you needed it last week? One that will spend time with you extrapolating information from you because you just can’t seem to come up with what to say about yourself? Do you want a local business that you can drop in and just talk to someone? Are you comfortable with a virtual meeting to get the human touch? All these factors are important, just evaluated differently for each individual job seeker depending on their needs.
Cookie cutter or custom resume format – Cookie cutter resumes – the hiring managers have seen them all! Some are very old-fashioned and don’t highlight the pertinent information that will grab the reader’s attention in the first 6-10 seconds. Yes, I said 6-10 seconds. Recruiters and hiring managers are trained to glance at a resume to gain insight into the job seeker and see if he or she is a match to their criteria. If your information is not strategically written and positioned in the resume, you could be the best candidate for the job, but you won’t get past this phase.
Of course, to get to the human, you would have to pass the first phase, which is a keyword search that most companies do today. If your resume hits the 8 out of 10 keyword criteria, then you get passed to the human.
Let’s talk outdated style and format which most cookie cutter resumes are. Do you want to be seen as old-fashioned, not leading edge? Well, some resume formats from even five years ago are now outdated. Amazing that just the format of the resume can say things about you without speaking a word.
Strategies & expertise – Hiring a professional resume writer is similar to hiring an accountant, tax professional or doctor, you are buying their expertise in the field. I know there are many of you DIYers out there who like to do things themselves, however, when it comes to your career and future earning potential, you may want to consider hiring a professional. Trying to write your own resume can be disastrous for most. You are too close to the situation and need an objective eye.
Also, most professional resume writers are certified – be sure to check that out. There are many resume certifications, and some resume writers have one or more. Resume writers have to keep up their certifications with continuing education that keeps them at the top of the learning curve. It may give you peace of mind that this person has been certified and is keeping up with the latest resume strategies. Be sure to inquire before hiring a writer.
Price does matter but – What’s it costing you to be using an ineffective resume? The main purpose of the resume is to get your foot in the door to interview. To do that, you have to get the attention of the hiring manager. Do you think your current resume is doing that for you?
If you are unemployed you are losing money every day you are not re-employed. For example, if you make $5,000 a month and are out of work six months, that’s $30,000 you are not earning. An investment in a professionally written resume that is keyword driven, accomplishment-based, and conveyed in an up-to-date style and format that gets you attention, is worth what to you? So you hire a professional resume writer to create a powerful resume, get back to work in three months and save yourself $15,000. That’s worth the cost of the resume and so much more!
It is a big decision to consider hiring a professional resume writer. Take the time to do some research and be willing to invest in yourself and your future.