So far, Chapman Services Group has talked about introductory cover letters and how it can be used to accompany your resume to let the potential decision-maker or hiring manager know you are actively searching a new position. BUT- after you have sent your resume and cover letter out, you want and NEED to follow up by thanking them for their time. For this, you can send a thank you letter to the same company. Today, Chapman Services Group will explain all about targeted cover letters and how they can truly leverage your career and put you in front of others applying for the same position.

What is a Targeted cover letter?

A Targeted cover letter is written specifically for each position you are applying for. So, keep in mind the positions you want to go after and have your Targeted cover letter written specifically for that purpose.

It’s not always easy to put your create your professional documents and hiring a professional resume writer is an investment worth its weight in gold so Contact Chapman Services Group for a consultation and we will be happy to help answer any questions you might have.