Have you heard from a company telling you they can tap into the “hidden job market” for you? Did they pique your interest by marketing career services to you that will position you for career opportunities within this hidden job market? Did this company ask you to meet with them with your spouse present? Did this company tell you the services they would provide to you would only cost you $5000+?

I have recently spoken with two individuals who were “taken” by two different executive placement organizations who did everything listed above and more. One person invested $5000 while the second individual invested $8000. Between the two people, they received three job interviews – $4000+ for each interview!

Don’t be “taken” by these organizations. The investment to you is too large. While it’s true that you get what you pay for, investing too much or too little is a big mistake when it comes to your career in these tough economic times. Search for a resume writing organization that can provide to you most of the very same services that an executive placement organization can. Be sure to verify credentials. Speak with the writer you will be working with to ensure no personality conflicts. Assess resume samples for content and formatting quality. Ask questions of the resume writing company so you are comfortable.

Please keep in mind that not all executive placement organizations are bad. Just like any other company, there will be good and bad to choose from. Your job, as a consumer, is to conduct research before committing thousands of dollars to any one company. In addition, it is this writer’s viewpoint that executive recruiters and executive placement organizations are two different career resources.

If the two people mentioned above had come to Chapman Services Group, LLC (www.ChapmanServices.com) for the services provided them, their total investment for both people would have been no more than $3000. By my calculations that’s a cost savings of $10,000! Give me a call today for more information about what we can do for you.

~ Lisa Chapman, Certified Professional Resume Writer