Although it can be challenging to find a job after being self-employed, it is not impossible. Unfortunately, it can be harder to find a job when you have been self-employed, as employers will worry if you will be able to take direction from a “boss.” However, if you know the ways to tailor your search, you should have no problem.

Essential tips:

  • Create a resume highlighting the skills and experience you have acquired being self-employed.
  • Develop a professional profile section showcasing the value you offer.
  • Search for positions specifically requiring the skills you have acquired through self-employment.
  • Networking is key to landing a job. This is where being self-employed can be to your benefit. You can utilize the contacts you have built to find a traditional job. You can also use these contacts as references on your resume as they can speak to your skills and capabilities.
  • Be prepared with answers to why you are seeking a traditional employment situation after having been self-employed. It is important to emphasize, if your business was not a failure, that it is for an alternate reason. Sometimes it can come with the stigma of when the business picks up again, that you will be out the door and back to running your business.
  • Focus on what you gained from self-employment and what that can bring to the table for this new employment situation. Employers want to know how you can help them and how you can help the company grow.
  • Highlight the value of your self-employment and what you learned. There are lessons that have been learned that can bring great value to the company you are applying to. You want to focus on the positive value you offer.


Use these tips to allow yourself to shine when searching for a new job and start on this new career path. Do not lose hope. It just takes more creativity in your job search when you have been self-employed.