“The Executive Rules: A Complete Guide to Landing an Executive Job” with Thad Greer

The Big question from the interview: “Does it really make a difference having your resume professionally written as opposed to just doing it yourself?”

It absolutely does. A professionally written resume aids job seekers in several ways. When it comes to format, a lot of clients use resume templates and this really is a bad move. It’s the number one marketing “don’t.” Your resume really needs to stand out from the crowd, not blend in with the crowd. When a hiring agent looks at your resume you want the hiring agent to say, this is the best darned resume I’ve seen in weeks, months or years. Most people don’t know how to format their resume really well.

Then when it comes to content, people don’t really understand what it is that hiring agents want to review. They don’t talk about core competencies, accomplishments or value offered to employers. Professional resume writers will make sure that these items are showcased in the resume written for their client. Another item is, people that do include accomplishments on their resume, 9 times out of 10 they don’t include all the necessary information. For every accomplishment noted on the resume there really needs to be a result, followed by a challenge and a reaction. For instance, let’s say John Doe increased annual sales by three million dollars. Hiring agents want to know how John Doe increased those sales. The accomplishment statement really should read something similar to “Grew annual sales to thirteen million dollars from ten million dollars by developing new sales channel within manufacturing sector.” Most people don’t go into that much detail.

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