While summer is the time to relax and enjoy vacations and friends, it is also a great time to put the push on your job search. Why? It is the optimal time to develop your network and make sure you have your ducks in a row when the big hiring push begins in August/September. Many companies slow down their recruiting efforts in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still looking.

Keep in mind these reasons to continue pursuing your job search:

  • It’s easier to network with people – They are more relaxed and social during the summer months. Attending various summertime activities that you probably attend (think picnics, parties, and other social outings.) Just remember, don’t sell, sell, sell. Instead, get to know these people in a friendly, relaxing manner so when you do want to go into full “networking” mode, they will already be comfortable with you.
  • Hiring managers may have more time available – The slower summer season means hiring agents may have more time for interviewing, hiring, and building their staffs.
  • It’s easier for you to go to an interview – A more relaxed summer schedule makes it more likely that you can get the time off to schedule an interview.
  • The jobs are still out there – Other job seekers will take the summer off for their job search. If you continue to pursue your search, you are taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there.
  • The interview process may be more relaxed – Some steps or people may be eliminated from a company’s normal interview process due to key players being on vacation. These interviews may be less formal than those at other times of the year.

Take advantage of what the summer months can offer you as you conduct your job search. The summer months can work to your benefit, so don’t take a vacation from your job hunt.