One resume is all you will ever need, right? If all jobs fell under the same description, that might be alright, however, the many jobs available today all have different job descriptions. Your resume is a general snapshot into your skills and background. It will not fit into each and every job opportunity scenario that comes along. Out of the many available positions in the job market, you need to make sure your resume stands out from the competition. Remember, a recruiter may receive hundreds of resumes for each position. To help you customize your resume and make it stand out, you should:

  • Identify key phrases used in a job posting You should use phrases or specific skills you have and are in the job posting on your resume.
  • Highlight achievements that align with the job description – If you worked on a project that shows experience in what the recruiter is looking for, make sure you position it so the recruiter notices. Remember, the recruiter is looking for people who are qualified for the position.

Doing these two things will help show the recruiter you understand how competitive the current job market is and demonstrate your interest in the position.

When you don’t customize your resume, your application may go into the “black hole” along with other resumes that are “standard.” Remember, many recruiters and companies use an applicant tracking system that automates the application process. These systems scan for keywords and phrases that align with the job position. All unqualified resumes and applications are separated and are no longer considered viable for the job in question.

Your resume needs to position you as the ideal candidate for the job opening. Customizing it to show your qualifications and expertise does not take long. If you have a great resume already in place, tweaking it to target specific job opportunities will be time well spent.