Celebrate AchievementSince this is my 15th year in business, I’ve chosen to celebrate my anniversary month by discussing a series of topics and ideas that will help provide you with an opportunity to celebrate as well. Even during a job search there are many reasons to remain positive and have a cause for celebration. First in the series is a discussion on the impact each small task that you do has on the end result and visualizing it as a part of the whole job hunting scenario.

Each step that you take during your job search can help you move forward and provide you with that positive outcome-the new job. You may think that things are moving slowly in your job search, but take a moment and assess all of your small achievements such as assembling your resume, developing your networking technique, lining up job leads, researching companies, designing a cover letter, and targeting potential companies. When looked at separately, all of these may feel like small steps, but together provide a package of positive motion in your career hunting activities.

Changing jobs can be stressful and time consuming. If you have been able to maintain a routine, accomplish several tasks in the job search, and been able to reevaluate your goals, you should be pleased with what you have accomplished so far. You have made great strides in your search.

Take a moment to list all of the tasks that you have completed towards your goal. Each step is a milestone that you have reached. Being able to visualize where you were at the start of your job search and compare it to where you are now. Look at what you are doing in a positive manner. For example, you had that job interview that does not result in landing your dream job. Think of it in a more positive manner- you were able to land an interview. Stay focused, stay positive, and celebrate each step along the way.

Every positive task that you accomplish is an achievement. Your dream job is out there and celebrating each step along the way will help you to maintain a positive attitude.