By: JoAnn Nix, Certified Career Coach

If you feel alone and isolated in your job search, there is hope. No one has to, or should, feel isolated during their job search.

If you feel isolated, perhaps it means you confine yourself to your home and spend all day searching for jobs on the Internet. If you have a strong feeling of isolation and disconnection from the world, perhaps today is the day for new strategies!

Being isolated from the world is not healthy for your job search. In some cases this isolation can trigger the “blues” or varying levels of depression. Moreover, a job seeker functioning in this state of mind is not very productive and not attractive to employers.

Here are five strategies I recommend to overcome isolation:

  1. First, leave your home for many hours each day because jobs are not in your computer. It will be a miracle if you do land an interview due to the Internet. If you want great things to happen in your job search, then go where business people are… they are in their offices, at professional meetings, at conferences, at lunch, etc. Mingle with them, integrate yourself into the business world, be seen, and be visible. This is the best way to find a job and your feeling of isolation will diminish.
  2. Second, consider volunteer work. Select organizations you believe in and invest a couple of hours each week volunteering. It will make you feel great about yourself, you will have an opportunity to help other people, and your isolation will diminish. It’s a great tool to build new business relationships and network.
  3. Attend professional meetings. A group of professionals with similar backgrounds and interests will be useful. They know what is going on at other companies and in their industries. They have connections you need. Become an active member in the organization, volunteer for projects, get involved in committees, talk with other people, follow up with other people you were interested in, etc. Be seen, be visible, and be active.
  4. Form a career team of 2-3 people who can help you with research and administrative tasks, and allow you to focus on marketing and networking. Meet with these people regularly to discuss your job search, strategies, and ideas.
  5. Use the telephone to connect with friends, family members, and others who can support you during your job search. These people may be able to provide you with leads and critical information for your job search. They can boost your spirit as well.

Your primary strategy should be focused externally. Job opportunities will not be delivered via your e-mail account. These are just a few strategies to overcome job search isolation. There are many people willing to help you during your job search… connecting with people on a daily basis will be a tremendous boost to your spirit and job search results!