You may have had the opportunity to spend some of the summer relaxing and enjoying a vacation. You have been thinking about your career and have decided to make a change. Perhaps you have been searching for a while but took a break to recharge and reassess. One of the most challenging obstacles you have now is getting back into job search mode.

The transition back to a daily routine is a great time to start fresh. You can reassess your career more objectively since you are rested and relaxed. Here are some tips to help you get back on task with your job search:

  1. List your goalsDetermine the type of position you desire and target companies that match your aspiration.
  2. Check your resumePerhaps it’s time to update and add in your new accomplishments.
  3. Network, network, networkIf you are not networking…START! If you have a network in place, ramp up your efforts. Summer is a great time to get to know people in your line of work through social encounters. Take advantage of the relaxed summer atmosphere and connect.
  4. Get organizedMake yourself a checklist of the hiring managers you want to contact, networking goals, dates to complete your resume updates, and number of jobs that you will apply for on a weekly basis.
  5. Plan your timeSet a schedule and stay with it. You need to have a routine in place that allows you to search and apply for positions, send resumes, and handle correspondence.
  6. Don’t get discouragedDuring the summer, hiring managers go on vacation too. If you don’t receive immediate answers to calls or emails, do not get overly worried.

Remember that summer is a great time to reassess your outlook on your job search. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to recharge and re-energize. When you return from vacation make it a goal for yourself to get back on track right away. Don’t let time get away from you during the summer months. Returning to your job search does not have to be difficult if you follow these tips.