If you know companies are looking for applicants then you can position yourself to increase your chances of getting found by making sure your resume and online portfolio is full of keywords and focused. One important job search strategy you can use is to focus your efforts on the same job sites that companies are using to recruit. Most importantly, make sure the companies can find your resume.

When you’re conducting your job search, make it easy for employers to find you online by creating profiles on LinkedIn, VisualCV and other professional networking sites. Use your name and specifications in your title: for example, “Jane Smith- Business Development Executive Dedicated to Profitability and Delivering Results”. Not only do you provide your contact information, your headline is intriguing and keyword enriched.

When prospective employers use keywords on Google to search for candidates, those profiles typically rank higher so make certain your professional portfolio can be found easily, you rank higher with Google and that your best foot is put forward ultimately landed you the career opportunity you are searching for.