You had a great interview. Now you just need to sit and wait for the call offering you the job, right? Wrong! The interview is just one part of the job search puzzle. You need to take these next steps to help ensure you will be one of the final candidates considered for the position.

The thank you note

The most important of these steps is the thank you note. You should write and send this message within 24 hours of your interview. In order for your note to stand out, place one or two of the following tips in your message. This will separate you from the other messages the interviewer will receive.

  • Provide a follow-up to one of the questions in your interview. Choose a key area that was discussed and expand on the information you provided during the interview.
  • If you couldn’t answer a question during the interview, provide the answer at this time.
  • If you discussed specific items during your interview, you might provide a link to a recent article that provides insight to your discussion.

Do not make your note a long, involved missive that becomes fodder for the nearest waste basket. A sincere note showing your interest and appreciation for the interview is valuable to keeping your name in the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind.

Waiting time

The waiting is one of the most difficult parts of the interview process for many people. While you may want to follow-up right away with a call, it is extremely important you follow the information the interviewer provided you as to when hiring decisions will be made. If you were told it would be a week before the decision would be made, wait a week. If you were told not to call, but inquire by email, send an email follow-up. If you forgot to ask when the hiring decision would be made, or what the next steps are, contact the interviewer or hiring manager in your follow-up communication.

Take notes

After your interview, you should write down what was said, your responses, and your next steps. Taking notes about the hiring agent, questions you may have, and when you will make the next contact will assist you in remember everything.

A short “to do” list following the interview will help prevent you from missing anything and maintain good follow-up with the interviewer.