As we expand our knowledge about LinkedIn, there are things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile. As previously discussed, creating your LinkedIn profile is step one. You can also customize your LinkedIn URL. In addition, you can add your resume as an attachment to your LinkedIn profile and here’s how to do just that:

  • First login to your LinkedIn profile
  • Then click edit profile
  • Under your profile section, you will see information related to your experience and so on and scroll down to the section that says “websites”
  • Here you can add up to three (3) distinct URLs
  • Click edit, choose “other” for the first field, type in “My resume” or something that indicates your resume in available and in the third field, copy and paste the URL that your resume is located at.
  • Now, let’s back up a second…if you are linking your resume to your LinkedIn profile, Chapman Services Group suggests adding your PDF format so the format does not change when viewed by different systems.
  • Chapman Services Group also suggests adding your PDF formatted resume to a free document file service such as Google docs. You can add features such as sharing capabilities and obtain the URL needed to add to your LinkedIn profile.
  • So, once you obtain the URL add it to the third field in LinkedIn and click save.

There you have it! Test the link to make sure it works and voila – you have just added a downloadable version of your resume to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t have time to create a powerful LinkedIn profile or just want someone else to do it for you? Contact Chapman Services Group and have your LinkedIn profile created by true professionals!