Landing-InterviewsOne of the hardest things during a job search is landing interviews. So, how do you get that prized interview slot? Start by:

  1. Being proactive – Before, during, and after you have sent your resume you need to approach your job search in a proactive manner.
  2. Researching the company who is hiring – Review available materials regarding the company. Know what you can offer that will benefit the company. If possible, talk to people who already work there and get a feel for the business.
  3. Make sure that your resume aligns with the skills that are required for the position – Do you have the skill set that is required? Do you have a clear understanding of the job requirements? Research before you apply for the position.
  4. Research the hiring manager – Know who is in charge of the hiring process prior to sending your resume. LinkedIn is a great resource for gaining information on hiring managers. Sending a direct email or personal letter with your resume is much more successful than sending your resume to a general mailbox.
  5. Don’t wait – You may want to continue reviewing your resume and doing more research, however, the longer you wait to send it in the more likely someone else will grab that interview spot. Remember, you are not the only qualified person applying for the job.
  6. Follow up quickly on sent resumes – 3-5 business days after you have sent your resume, follow it up with a call or email to introduce yourself, remind them that you have submitted your resume, and show your interest in the opportunity that is available. Don’t be afraid to state that you would like to discuss how you can benefit the company. Caution: Don’t be a pest or pushy in your contacts; be pleasant and friendly and show your genuine interest in the company.
  7. Keep track of your contacts – Know who and when you have contacted the company and what happened during the contact.

Landing interviews can be a challenging part of your job search management. You up the odds of achieving interviews by following these steps.