Your resume is one of the first things that a hiring manager will check when looking for potential candidates to interview. The first impression is critical to being selected for the interview process. Here are a few common issues that you can easily correct to make sure that you will create a positive impact with your resume.

Common Issues Include:

  1. Adding new information to an old resume format – Resume formats change. If you have been using the same format for years, and update it by adding information, you should probably invest in revising it. A professional resume writer will know what type of format will work best for you.
  2. Your resume has become the size of a novel – If it’s too long, no one has the time to read it or will feel overwhelmed by the length. Review the resume to identify items that may be obsolete and can be deleted.
  3. Your resume is too short – If you don’t have extensive job experience you may be able to add items that are related to experience, such as volunteer work, courses you’ve taken, or part-time work.
  4. Many jobs/many dates listed – You may be able to consolidate some of these items if it is all for the same employer. Remember, the person reviewing your resume is not going to spend a lot of time reading it. Keep it clean.
  5. You don’t have a brand – A hiring manager should be able to identify your key career goals and prime differentiators from your resume. You may need to sit down and list the following: What makes you different from other candidates? What qualities are distinctive to you? What benefits can you offer a potential employer? What problems have you (can you) solve for the company? What skills do you have that match the job announcement?

Your resume may be visited by more than one person and should be an item that has impact, is factual, and easy to comprehend. Resumes are just one part of your job search. A professional resume writer has the ability to help you perfect this piece of the job search puzzle and prevent you from having some of the above issues should you feel overwhelmed with the process.