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Job seekers want to make a good first impression and create ways to stand out from their competition. Sometimes in that process, they overlook behaviors that create a negative impression and ruin chances for a job offer. On the positive side:

1.         Be professional. Whether you are looking for an executive position or a blue collar position, you need to maintain a professional image throughout your job search. One inappropriate tweet or picture on Facebook could be your undoing. If you use social media, use it to help you stand out in a positive way. Your tweets could be useful tips for your industry and help you stand out as someone who is knowledgeable in your field.

2.         Be prepared. Am I starting to sound like a boy scout leader? Well, it’s true! Potential employers notice if you fill out an application appropriately, show up to an interview prepared, and are knowledgeable about their company products, services, and mission. This lets them know you have done your homework, may be genuinely interested in their company, and might be the kind of person that would make a good addition to their company.

3.         Positive attitude. Have you ever heard the term, “attitude is everything?” Well it certainly holds a lot of weight when looking for a job. Keeping a positive attitude will help you get through the disappointments and continue moving forward towards your career goals. A positive attitude also tells a potential employer a little about you, how you might handle challenging issues in the workplace, how you would interact with other employees, etc. No one wants to hire someone whose attitude appears to be a “raining cloud” overhead. Show enthusiasm and smile!

4.         Be poised. If you don’t show a prospective employer that you are confident about who you are and what you can do for them, they may never realize that you could be the right candidate for the job. On the other hand, if you express too much confidence, you may be viewed as someone who would be hard to get along with, and not fit with existing staff. Showing how your achievements can bring value to a company in simply stated statements may help you balance between a humble and over confident attitude.

Check your attitude every once in a while to make sure you are portraying the type of candidate that any company would want to hire.

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