Tip #3: Transition Coaches Can Help

Yesterday, we mentioned seeking a career coach; however, if you are changing careers or transitioning back into the workforce or relocating, having sought the help of a transition coach could alleviate the anxiety that goes along with the big decisions! What is a transition coach? A transition coach helps you evaluate your current situation and helps you make the best possible decision with all factors present and get acclimated at a much faster rate. So how does this help you land your next job? Well, let’s take for instance that you are a stay at home mom and want to go back into the workforce. You have your professional career documents under way and need help focusing on how to go for the job you want as well as getting back into the groove of the interview…and balancing your career time with your family time. These decisions impact everyone! When you have the proper tools in place so you not only get the interview but land that job, you save time and frustration and get acclimated at a much faster rate. Still have questions? Contact Chapman Services Group and we’ll be happy to explain how having a coach on your side can help you tenfold!