We all know that a professional biography has become increasingly important to add to our arsenal of professional portfolio documents and for the next few days, Chapman Services Group will provide you with tips to ‘Supercharge your Bio’ especially since most experts agree that your bio is the most important document you will ever write.

A bio is useful for a multitude of reasons whether you are applying for a job, publishing an article, networking etc. It’s a great vehicle for communicating who you are and what you do- quickly.

The first tip Chapman Services Group is going to give to you is all about you!

Tip #1: Identify your Purpose – Brand

So, exactly why are you writing your bio? Who will read it? Who will you give it to? Take some time to think about your readers and what you want them to know about you. It is very important to keep your target audience in mind when creating your bio. So identify your brand and purpose first and foremost, take notes about what you want to include and remember, and do your personal brand proud!