I am sure you have heard tips on networking and perhaps you have even discovered a few on your own but for the next couple of weeks, Chapman Services Group is going to tell you all about networking, in a nutshell. The first thing to remember is there is no ‘hidden’ job market, there is no secret society that you have to jump through hoops in order to find out about who is hiring…BUT… you have to find out how to obtain that information.

Since a lot of jobs are not advertised on job boards or newspapers, you need to network effectively in order to position yourself for them…YOU need to open the door to new opportunities and network effectively to find your next job or career!

Tip #1:

Truly Personal Branding Speaks Out – I know you may think of Pepsi or Mercedes when you think of branding but- before you start trying to network, you need to invest some time and develop your personal brand because networking success is based on how well you are perceived by your network. You can have a professional resume created along with a biography and any type of portfolio documents. These can be used on the web in digital format. Be sure to coordinate your professional portfolio with any online media and social profiles such as LinkedIn. Yes, you can have an ‘elevator’ speech ready- even if it is online and you can go as far as having a webpage or online video available for your networking campaign. Remember, everything should be as cohesive as your resume with your specific career goals in mind.