Lend a Helping Hand – You know the old saying, “What comes around goes around”? Well, some look at that as ‘karma’ and when it comes to networking, it truly does apply. This post is not about karma, it is about what you put into relationships- the value and what you put in, is what you will get out of it- it is just the way life works. The best relationships are about give and take and here are a few ways that you can lend a helping hand and add value to your networking relationships:

  • Share your knowledge and expertise- become the expert in your niche or industry
  • Help out! You can always volunteer for a project or ask if anyone needs help in some way
  • Help others! Are you bombarded with leads for jobs that don’t interest you? Share those with others in your network.
  • Get involved! Participate in discussions and offer support to those that need help.