From time to time, I hear from clients that are frustrated with their job search and while I am empathetic to their situation, finding that perfect job takes work and more importantly takes time. The longer you are unemployed, the more money it is going to cost you so remember to contact Chapman Services Group for your consultation today and end the job search journey!

Who does this sound like? Every day, you get up and check your emails for a response from days past. Disappointed, you start searching the internet for new job postings and submit your resume again and again. You may even send emails to people you know that work at companies you want to work for and just wait- frustrated because nothing is happening and day after day, you do the same things? You know it does not have to be this way and Chapman Services Group can help you!

I know there are jobs out there and employers are still hiring and that is why Chapman Services Group continues to help professionals stay proactive and create powerful resumes that get noticed. And, Chapman Services Group goes a step further and targets your resume for that perfect position…BUT…if you want to do it on your own, then stay tuned for 10 Steps to Target your Job Search.

Tip #1: Stay on Target

Everyone needs a target so what exactly are you looking for? Stay on target by creating a list from your last position that you liked and disliked and include information such as commute, relocation, hours, salary etc. You also want to think about what might be a good position for you and what you think would be ideal. This will help you when you apply for positions instead of just randomly sending out your resume in hopes that someone will call.