We have covered the steps to target your job search and today, we will cover the final step. Truly, there is no ‘final’ step- the important thing to remember is to plan your ‘attack’ and follow through.

Tip #10: Prepare for What is to Come

If you have taken the necessary steps to target your job search, you will end up in an interview – BUT- are you prepared? It is important to prepare for interviews because that is where you seal the deal, close the book and begin anew. You wouldn’t want to spend your time doing everything perfectly and have a terrible interview so spend some time creating a “short story” about yourself…because you will be asked. Of course, you want to sound as personable as you really are, and rehearsing helps. Make a list of your values and before you go in for your interview, refresh your memory on the Company goals and things you should know.

You could look at it like buying a car- you wouldn’t just go, hey- I want that car…you would want to know miles per gallon, pros and cons etc…so do your legwork, have a powerful resume and cover letter created, build rapports within your network, announce yourself, ask questions and go get that job you want!