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Is your current resume helping you or hurting you?! 

chapman-sidebar-logoAre you promoting your value, competencies, and accomplishments the way employers want in today’s competitive marketplace? Are employers excited about you as a candidate when reading your resume? Could you honestly say that the resume you are currently using positions you well for the opportunities you seek?

Alleviate the stress. Let one of the nation’s best resume writing organizations help you! Chapman Services Group, LLC wants to partner with you to craft your customized resume. To make the process as easy for you as possible, we gather information from you in two to three ways – we will use your most recent resume (if you have one) as a reference point – not a starting point, we will ask you to complete a very short (13 questions) questions document, and we will conduct a comprehensive 20 to 60+ minute telephone consultation with you to gather even more specific information regarding your career history.

Leveraging 15+ years of resume writing experience as well as an effective information gathering methodology, CSG is able to provide our clients – YOU – with customized resumes and career marketing documents interpreted by hiring authorities as being world class!

If you are searching for the least expensive resume writing service, CSG is not your resource. However, if you are searching for a premiere resume writing organization committed to working with you one-on-one to deliver a powerfully written resume that will generate quality interviews, then CSG is the resume writing and career marketing document development firm for you!

Why Choose CSG

  • 15+ years’ resume writing experience
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Customized document development

  • Telephone consultations conducted
  • Exclusive partner to national recruiters
  • 40%+ client referral rate

  • No questionnaires to complete
  • Delivery in Word, PDF, and ASCII formats
  • Nationally published resumes
The resumes produced by Chapman Services Group, LLC are the best resumes I’ve seen. As an executive recruiter I see hundreds of resumes every day and have worked with several of the top resume writing services in the nation. The resumes created by CSG are second to none!
C.J. Gabriel, Jr., President and Managing Director, Summit Search Professionals, LLC
I recently contacted Chapman Services Group to update my resume. Please know that your prompt and expert preparation of my resume helped to make my transition back into the job market less stressful. Every prospective employer commented on what a great resume I had. Within two weeks of submitting my resume to potential employers I had several interviews and a solid job offer. Thank you Chapman Services!
Karyl Y., Florida
The documents look awesome. So awesome that I’ve saved these files to my flash drive as AWESOME COVER LETTER and AWESOME RESUME.
Jon R., Michigan
I had submitted numerous resumes and had heard nothing from anyone. When I received your completed resume and cover letter I immediately started submitting resumes. After just three weeks of sending out only a few resumes in this current job market, I landed an interview with one of the biggest marketing firms in the Nation’s Capitol. I am so excited and wanted others to know how great your service is. I look forward to working with you again.
E. Womack, Maryland
I want to take this time to thank you for all of your help. Working with you has been a wonderful experience. You always deliver what you say and you leave all the decision making power up to the customer. Your work ethics are top notch. I have no doubt that you will continue your success. I will gladly update you with my performance as well as send you my brother’s information.
Chad A., Indiana
Lisa Chapman was a great writer. She listened to everything I said and it’s evident in the final products. The resume and cover letter are awesome.
Adam O., Connecticut
You explained the process and I knew right away that I wanted you to prepare my resume. You performed every part of the process within the specified time, exactly as promised. You compiled my entire work history, skills and abilities into an attractive, well written resume. Your services not only met, they exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. You are a valuable asset to anyone in need of any of your comprehensive services.
Diana B., Michigan
Lisa Chapman is an excellent technical writer with a great personality. My cover letter, resume, and thank-you note has an excellent visual format and is professionally written (love the presentation style)! This was money well spent!
Bernard B., Maryland
As a business executive I am very pleased with Chapman services. I found Lisa Chapman to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable about resume writing and the job search process. After our face to face interview in which she asked many questions about my background, she was able to craft an easy to read comprehensive document which accurately represented my work experiences. I have received many unsolicited compliments on my new resume and cover letter thanks to Lisa. I would highly recommend Chapman Services to any executive who wants to keep their resume professional and current.
Craig K., Michigan
I forwarded both the resume and cover letter to my sister, she was a senior analyst with Compaq and did hiring, her comment was- An extraordinary overview of YOU!!! I knew it would be worth it.
Sandra C., Ohio
Has anyone told you how good you really are at resume writing? I’m adding you to my Christmas list!
John G., Kentucky
I’ve received nothing but compliments about the resume you wrote for me.
Jay K., Massachusetts
The resume and cover letter are works of art. Your excellent effort on these documents really mean a lot to me. You are a star in your field!
Valerie R., California

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